Wayne Kids

Wayne's Kids is always looking to add new and talented kids to represent in their Commercial, Theatrical, Modeling and Voice-Over Divisions.

Terrece Lynn, the Director of Wayne's Kids, knows and understands the importance of personalized attention when working with children and their parents in this business.

Having worked as a child talent herself, as well as having three children that worked in the industry, Terrece understands the importance of an agent/parent/child relationship in show business, and will always do what it takes for you and your child's success.

What you need to know before submitting your child to Wayne's Kids

Please do not spend a fortune on headshots. If your child is under 6 years old, we can get a good idea if we are interested in representing your child from a simple snap shot.

For your child to get started in modeling, you do not need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on classes. You are never required to pay any upfront fees to be considered or to work with a legitimate agency. A legitimate agency gets paid once we find you work. There may be a fee associated to place your child on various outside casting sites, but that is an optional service to you as a parent.

Before signing with any agent, make sure that you are aware of the items your child will need in order to get started. You will need a Coogan Trust Account and a valid California Work Permit. Contact us if you have any questions.

For immediate review and consideration, please submit a professional head shot and or snap shot along with a current resume, if you have one.

Submitting your Materials

Please submit all of your materials to:
submissions@thewayneagency.com or

Please be sure to put "Wayne's Kids Submission" in the subject title.