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Ernest Dancy

Ernest L. Dancy was born in Brooklyn, New York to parents Ernest and Sheila Dancy in 1981. As a youth growing up in the Redhook projects and Bedford-Stuyvesant sections of Bklyn, Ernest didn't have any aspirations to be an actor. Instead, his focus was on making it to the NBA. But from his senior year at Long Island University in 2004 until now, Ernest was either starring in the first project he auditioned for, a feature film called Goodnite Charlie (2005) or writing, directing and producing the next feature he starred in, called Knuckle Game (2006).

For some, it takes a while to find a new love after their college basketball career comes to an end, but Ernest quickly found a new one in the arts. Acting eventually lead him to make the move to Los Angeles in September of 2008. He self-produced and starred in a web series, was the lead in a feature film called Basketball Girlfriend (2014), booked a McDonalds commercial, a role on America's Most Wanted, and enjoyed co-starring roles in a couple of television shows sprinkled in between; while also concentrating on writing and creating quite a few television show concepts of his own.

At the end of the day, whether lending his voice to popular video games like Grand Theft Auto IV (2008), starring in commercials to help brands sell products, or making lots of great connections with film and television execs; one thing is for sure... Ernest L. Dancy is a tireless worker, one who is now putting that same tireless work ethic toward helping other creatives achieve their goals, but on the literary side.

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